The royal flush— how I started my banking card collection in London

A flush must contain 5 cards — who will be the one out?

A rough start

I arrived to the agency, rushed for that being my lunch hour in one of the days of the onboarding week, and with passport in one hand and letter in the other triumphantly said that I wanted to open an account.

The in-branch experience

The pages flapped by as I signed each and every one of them with diligence, trusting the tiny letters to not say nothing particularly different than they did to the dozens of people that had been in the branch that morning. If these tiny letters were ok for them, they would be ok for me too. I had finally arrived at the end of the stack and of my lunch hour. As for the card, I would have to wait 5–7 working days, and for the pin the same amount of time. I left and ran to the first session in the afternoon…

The royal flush

“I will send you the link and you will get a bonus from signing up from that link — and me too.”

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