Selfie time at Facebook Venues last night — yes, Virtual Reality is not immune to that

I am not sure how we are going to look back at this period once we gain distance. So far, it seems that we can only look at it from a dark angle. In excruciating detail, in loop, leave-no-misery-behind fashion the news broadcasters explore all the drama that the pandemic…

Rocking my ‘Parks and Recreation’ office, that no one was able to recognize, while ‘mingling’ at Web Summit 2020

If I had to summarize the uniting thread among the most interesting talks I saw at Web Summit this year, it would be that they were all about caring: for our planet, health, home, and government — what I am calling ‘care tech’.

Jane Goodall was presenting together with the…

Street view of the first edition, photo taken by me on the 10th November 2016

Web Summit 2020 is almost here, it starts next Wednesday 2nd of December and it goes until the 4th of December, and this time it happens exclusively online.

I have attended Web Summit three times on-site by now. I was there on the opening night when it happened for the…

Andreia Domingues

Curiosity did not kill the cat | Excited about product, culture, tech and creativity

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